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Welcome To the busterbrown East New England web site.
Hello, we put this site together for U.P.S. feeder drivers. I hope you find it useful. Between the DOT, NLRA, NATIONAL CONTRACT, SUPPLEMENTAL, OSHA, FMLA we have a lot more rights than many of us know about. My hope is that we all work together to learn and enforce these rules on a wider scale. It seems we all have to fight the same battles again and again. Grievances have to be filed repeatedly for the same problems. Perhaps we can better unionize to minimize these redundancies.
This site is still under construction. The link page has an abundance of resources. If you find something you think should be added to the site send me an e-mail.
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MA,ME Registration rules and Contract.
About Page-Federal Sticker
Minimum Inspection Standards,Pintle Hook No More 1/4 Play.

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Elect Delegate:Brian A.Doherty

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Must have a registration upon his person or in the vehicle.

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Holland Pintle Hook Operation Manual
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